Your Guide to Home Decor Shopping in Madrid

In search of an unconventional but charming reminder of your time in Madrid, Spain? Here are two shops in Madrid that offer a wide array of quirky, cute gifts, such as mugs, kitchen items, jewelry and other decorations that are sure to make you smile.

O2 Lifestyle

Located on Calle del Carmen (just off of Calle Gran Vía in Madrid), O2 Lifestyle is the perfect place for lovers of colorful, eclectic decor pieces, mugs, plates and kitchenware decorated with fun designs and positive quotes (in Spanish). O2 Lifestyle offers two floors of pure happiness – from artsy notebooks to lanterns that reveal quotes and images when illuminated, you are sure to find a surprise at every corner.

These mugs, printed with Spanish quotes, are a fun reminder of your visit to Spain. (Plus, who doesn’t love mugs!?)

Muy Mucho

Muy Mucho is a popular European home goods store with locations in Spain, Japan, Portugal and Bulgaria. With seven locations in Madrid (including one store on Calle Grand Vía), the shop is the ultimate destination for all things home decor. Candles in every color imaginable, placemats and dishware with beachy, bohemian designs and wall art of all shapes and sizes fill the shelves and tables of Muy Mucho.

Candles of various scents, sizes and hues line the shelves at Muy Mucho.

When in Madrid, Spain, consider browsing stores such as O2 Lifestyle and Muy Mucho; you just might find the perfect little gift to remind you of your travels while adding a touch of Spain to your home.

By Darcy Schild


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